Animations tell stories in an interesting a special way. These animations have a point that will leave you pondering.

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  • I Was Abused, And Survived

    Karis's childhood was fun and happy like any girl. But then suddenly a tragic incident happened to her. She was sexually abused by her tutor. She suffered years from shame, guilt and fear. But she finally found a way to overcome her painful past.

  • What Are You Living For?

    The way in which we live our lives here on earth will ultimately determine where we spend eternity. This video may challenge your thinking in regards to what you are doing now, and what impact it will have on you for the future..

  • Greg & Tom Talk About God

    While the world dissolves into crisis with an impending meteorite strike, Greg and Tom have a laid back conversation about the legitimacy of God and why he doesn't force us to love him.

  • History In Ink

    The greatest story ever known told through an artistic expression in ink.

  • reTHINK

    reTHINK is a creative interpretation of CS Lewis' famous "Lord, Liar, Lunatic" evaluation of the person of Jesus. If you're looking to bring up the topic of the validity of Jesus' claims in a fun way, this is the video for you.

  • Despair and Me

    When our hopes are dashed, the blanket of despair can be all-consuming. But, is despair the end, and if there is hope, where can we find it?