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New on Waymaker.TV
  • We Miss You!

    Covid lockdown is difficult on teachers, they miss their students.

  • Are They Really OK? R U OK?

    One in seven Australians will experience depression at some point in their lifetime.
    Depression is the number one cause of non-fatal disabilities. Every day, six Australians die from suicide. Asking R U OK is a relevant question to ask anyone at anytime. Those conversation starters help form con...

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: When Things Go Wrong - Episode 11

    When people have sex, they achieve the highest level of physical intimacy. The physical connection has involuntary emotional, psychological, and spiritual effects.
    Even outside of marriage, breaking a sexual relationship is significantly more painful, more difficult than if the relationship had n...

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Beyond Sexuality - Episode 12

    At first glance, the Bible may seem like the perfect book for young children to read. Visit any children’s literature section and see the myriads of storybooks on creation, Noah, and the Christmas story. But Scripture paints a different picture regarding these narratives that most children’s book...