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New on Waymaker.TV

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New on Waymaker.TV
  • What Is The Meaning Of Life

    One of the worst feelings imaginable is the feeling of being alone. We were designed for relationships! We were meant to be a part of families, significant relationships, to create and share our work with others! But we've been separated from God and don't really know who we are anymore.

  • What is Church

    Church is not just a building. It’s a vibrant and dynamic community of people who gather in one place. It’s not made up of perfect people but rather imperfect people searching for purpose and meaning to their life, just like you. You don’t need to believe to belong, but know that you will fit in,...

  • What is Worship

    "Whether we believe it or not, we all worship something. The only question is, what are you worshipping? And is it giving you life, or stealing life from you?"

  • 7 | 7 | 7

    Listen as Nathan spends a few minutes unpacking some Bible verses that have eternal significance.

  • Because He Lives - Luis Cortez

    Because Christ lives we have hope! It’s a good day to be reminded of what Jesus Christ has done on the cross.

  • Morality Defined

    Racism, rape, child abuse - they’re so obviously wrong that it’s hard to argue they’re not moral absolutes. Yet morality is difficult to build on science, on society or the individual.

  • God Doesn't Exist - Neither Do Dentists

    If God doesn't exist then neither do dentists!