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  • Origin

    Sir Arthur Keith summarises the evolution doctrine as follows: “Evolution is unproven and unprovable. We believe it, however, because the only alternative is an act of creation by a God, and that is unthinkable.”

  • How to Talk About Jesus Online

    In an age of "cancel culture" and the need to be politically correct, it can be intimidating to bring Jesus into our social media feeds, or engage in spiritual conversations online. Join us as we learn more about how we can engage in great conversations with our non-Christian friends in our pursu...

  • The Gospel According To Thomas

    Thomas’ experience is one from scepticism to belief.
    Thomas discovered a faith in God that stood up to his deepest doubts and hardest questions and filled him with a hope that he was willing to die for.
    Why do some people choose to die for their faith?

  • Beautiful Mess

    Life can be messy. It can steal our joy and make us feel unwanted, tired and broken. But, in the mess of life, there is a story of beauty that can be found.

  • RAISED Episode 1 - Doubt

    Benjamin and Jessica Roberts grew up in the church, but when each of their faiths were challenged in different ways, they were taken on a decade-long journey that would transform them both forever.