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Episode 3: Holy Island

CHRISTIAN HISTORY - LINEAGE (Episodes 1-20) • 4m 19s

Up Next in CHRISTIAN HISTORY - LINEAGE (Episodes 1-20)

  • Episode 4: The Tide Turns

    Sometimes it looks like the bad guys are winning and get all the lucky breaks. Over the centuries Christianity has taken some heavy hits, but it continues to bounce back stronger than ever!

  • Episode 5: Dinooth and Columbanus

    From the British Isles Christianity begins its journey across the Channel and into Europe. The great migration of Christianity from continent to continent over the centuries has meant that is continues to be the most popular religion on earth today.

  • Episode 6: Waldenses - People of the ...

    People of the valley took to the mountains of northern Italy so they could continue to worship God the way they knew they must! The church of the day came after them in order to enforce compliance to church tradition.