Short Films

  • The Peace of Christmas

    On Christmas Eve, 1944, a small group of American and German soldiers confront each other in the Ardennes Forest cabin of a Belgian mother and son.
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    A range of subjects from a range of young Australian film makers. It takes dedication, inspiration and perspiration to make a movie/short film. Here we honour the efforts of those committed to their craft.


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    A lot of news reported in the media is negative - gloom and doom! Life's not always like that though - some days the roses have a stronger scent and the ice-cream has a sweeter taste! Thank the Lord for His mercy and blessings.

  • Enriquefilmz

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    Enrique is a passionate content creator, who loves to create short high quality captivating and immersive videos, focusing on Bible verses for everyday Christian principles.

  • Speaking Short and Spiritually Significant.

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    Short clips that will challenge you to think spiritually.

  • Journey of Hope

    Explore the unexplored and discover for yourself what the world has to offer…a world created by a God who loves you and gave Himself for you”.

  • Look At Me Now

    Define your identity. The truth is that we cannot define ourselves. Only the One who created us can define who we really are.