Deuteronomy: These Are The Words

Deuteronomy: These Are The Words

Deuteronomy highlights first what God has done for His people, and then describes the loving obedience that the people are to respond with in gratitude. Three main themes of Deuteronomy are love, heart, and life.

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Deuteronomy: These Are The Words
  • These Are The Words: Agreements and Addresses - Episode 1

    Chapters 24-27 of Isaiah bring “the everlasting covenant” into sharp focus for us. The ‘everlasting covenant’ deals with the concepts of judgment and blessing, especially for the days in which we are living right now! Soon God will have final victory over everything evil – that’s a promise!

  • These Are The Words: Revolt and Result - Episode 2

    When it comes to defining the New Covenant, it seems as though most Christians are puzzled about it. Those who do attempt a definition generally meander around the topics of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the gospel, grace, love, the Holy Spirit, the law written on the heart, and so on.

  • These Are The Words: Ten Words - Episode 3

    Paul’s mantra, “Love is the fulfilment of the law” (Romans 13:10) was established in the Sinai covenant. This is why we consider the old and new covenants equal to each other at the most fundamental level.

  • These Are The Words: Get What He Deserves - Episode 4

    Modern scholars attempt to pit the “law of Moses” (the Mosaic covenant) against the “law of Christ”, often associated with the new covenant. They describe the Mosaic covenant as primarily bondage-generating rules and regulations that were to be externally obeyed, by rote, in contrast to the new c...

  • These Are The Words: Nasty Neighbours - Episode 5

    After hearing the Gospel everyone will respond to it in one way or another—either with an old covenant experience (rejection, legalism) that leads to doom, or with a new covenant experience (faith and obedience) that leads to life. The Bible describes it as a war between “the flesh” and “the Spir...

  • These Are The Words: Don't Forget - Episode 6

    How do you know where God is leading you, especially when the way is not clear, or there are several options?

  • These Are The Words: Open Heart Surgery - Episode 7

    It is easy to forget where we have come from! God continually helps us to remember by providing opportunity to live, love and learn.

  • These Are The Words: Set Aside - Episode 8

    “Bearing God’s name,” means to live so that people will look at us and see that we belong to Him. All parts of our lives matter to God, not just the big things.

  • These Are The Words: Terms And Conditions Apply - Episode 10

    Tough times will often turn us back to God. God sometimes allows these times as a warning that things could get worse if we try and run everything alone and without counsel.

  • These Are The Words: Born Once Die Twice | Born Twice Die Once - Episode 11

    God has not made it complicated. Unlike many other religions, we are not left in any doubt as to who God is and the relationship He wants with us. He has made it very clear.

  • These Are The Words: Learning The Words - Episode 12

    Sometimes the best way to learn and remember special words and messages is to put them to a melody.

  • These Are The Words: Second Time Around - Episode 13

    The first 5 books of the Bible [Torah] point toward the Messiah and help us understand some aspects of who He is and what He will be like.

  • These Are The Words: Celebrate - Episode 9

    Imagine if you had ninety-one days out of each year when you didn’t have to work or study!
    This describes how God intended the Israelites to celebrate the feasts as described in Deuteronomy. Find out why in this episode.