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  • Love, Intimacy & Dating | YOUTH DIRECTORS

    1 season

    What does the Bible say about love?

    When is it okay to start dating again after a breakup?

    How can we practically, wait for sex before marriage?

    Join our youth team and directors as they wrestle with these age-old questions in an ever-changing time in history.


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    The WHAT DO YOU THINK series is designed to get you contemplating the answers to some of the questions life asks.

  • Physical Boundaries, Sex & Waiting

    When young people ask the church, ⁣

    "How Do I Wait For Marriage?" ⏰⁣

    What they're actually asking is... ⁣

    "How Do I Hold Off From Having Sex Until Then?" 🙈⁣

    Growing up, many of us haven't heard many answers that address this age-old question other than 'practice abstinence'. ⁣

    We rarely...

  • I AM - Episode 6 - Is The Bible Relevant

    The Bible remains an important source of truth for many people today. The Bible continues to be upheld as a book that teaches morals and values. Would society be lost without it?

  • The Book Of Luke: Chapters 3-9

    Watch Jesus launch his ministry of good news for the poor and how he brought together people from very diverse backgrounds to live together in peace.

  • Suicidal Pastors and Dealing with Depression