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  • Astronomical

    We live in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone, where it’s just right. We have the liquid water essential to life and just a 1% change either way in our orbit would wipe us out. If gravity were stronger, we wouldn’t be here.

  • You Clown!

    Think twice - act once!


    8 videos

    The WHAT DO YOU THINK series is designed to get you contemplating the answers to some of the questions life asks.

  • The Making of Champions (Part 1): Come Out Of Hiding Gideon

    God has the habit of using the ordinary and doing the extraordinary with it. Inside you there lurks a champion that God wants to use in order to do great things for Him.

  • No-one Else Is Coming For You

    Feeling trapped by things that are going on in your life? If escape seems impossible, then who is coming for you?