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  • Mind Over Matter

    Every cell in your body and brain has been replaced many times over. Physically, you are an entirely different person from who you once were, and yet you are the same.
    The hardware has been replaced, but the software remains. Is this software, the element that remains, what many believe to be the...

  • I AM - Episode 6 - Is The Bible Relevant

    The Bible remains an important source of truth for many people today. The Bible continues to be upheld as a book that teaches morals and values. Would society be lost without it?

  • Is Evolution Bulletproof? Dr Don Batten

    For most of the world evolution is the unquestioned narrative to explain the world around us, but is it really the best interpretation of the evidence? We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Don Batten of Creation Ministries international and talk about how the evidence stacks up.

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