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GEOSCIENCE Research Institute • 1m 11s

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  • Flat Gaps

    Did life slowly evolve over billions of years as suggested by evolutionary theory, or was it created recently by God, just a few thousand years ago as indicated in the Bible? The flat gaps in the sedimentary rocks of the earth provide scientific data that favour the biblical model.

  • Megabreccias

    A megabreccia is a very large breccia. A Breccia is rock consisting of sharp-cornered bits of fragmented rock, cemented together by sand, clay, or lime. Sometimes you find them out in the middle of nowhere...why?

  • Christianity and Science

    Christian culture of Europe, particularly Western Europe, is where the modern natural sciences bloomed into the disciplines from which we benefit so extensively today.
    The assertion that the Christian faith in someway hindered the advancement of science is plainly false given the prevailing reli...