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GEOSCIENCE Research Institute • 1m 10s

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  • Christianity and Science

    Christian culture of Europe, particularly Western Europe, is where the modern natural sciences bloomed into the disciplines from which we benefit so extensively today.
    The assertion that the Christian faith in someway hindered the advancement of science is plainly false given the prevailing reli...

  • Questions about Neanderthals

    Even though we know a little bit about Neanderthal anatomy, genetics, and culture, what is their relationship to modern humans? Did Neanderthals leave direct descendants? Ideas about the fate of this group of humans are controversial and researchers do not agree.

  • Dinosaur Size

    There is no doubt that dinosaurs once lived on Earth and in certain places seem to have been numerous. Paleontologists have found evidence of their existence in sediments from all continents, including Antarctica and have found evidence that includes bones, eggs, nests, and footprints. Were all ...