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Radiometric Dating

GEOSCIENCE Research Institute • 39s

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  • Catastrophism

    Catastrophism is the idea that Earth's features have remained fairly static until dramatic changes were wrought by sudden, short-lived, violent events (catastrophes) that were occasionally worldwide in scope. By contrast, during most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the dominant paradig...

  • Flat Gaps

    Did life slowly evolve over billions of years as suggested by evolutionary theory, or was it created recently by God, just a few thousand years ago as indicated in the Bible? The flat gaps in the sedimentary rocks of the earth provide scientific data that favour the biblical model.

  • Megabreccias

    A megabreccia is a very large breccia. A Breccia is rock consisting of sharp-cornered bits of fragmented rock, cemented together by sand, clay, or lime. Sometimes you find them out in the middle of nowhere...why?