Hebrews - A Portrait

Hebrews - A Portrait

Hebrews addresses three separate groups: believers in Christ, unbelievers who had knowledge of and an intellectual acceptance of the facts of Christ, and unbelievers who were attracted to Christ, but who rejected Him ultimately.

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Hebrews - A Portrait
  • Hebrews: A Portrait Of Jesus - Episode 1

    What captivates us about Jesus is not simply what Jesus has done but who He is. The more we learn about Him the more we begin to realise that He sits at the centre of the universe.

  • Hebrews: The Message - Episode 2

    Paul wrote Hebrews to strengthen the faith of the believers amid their trials. He reminded them (and us) that the promises of God will be fulfilled through Jesus, who is seated at the right hand of the Father and will soon take us home. In the meantime, Jesus mediates the Father’s blessings to us...

  • Hebrews: Son - Episode 3

    From the moment of the fall, the world waited for the promised one, the redeemer, the saviour! Who would ever have imagined that it would be God Himself.

  • Hebrews: Brother - Episode 4

    Son of God and Son of Man: how does that work? Perfectly human and perfectly God, let’s unpack that.

  • Hebrews: Rest - Episode 5

    God designed humanity to rest, each time we observe a Sabbath we get a little taste of God’s original intention for humanity.

  • Hebrews: Priest - Episode 6

    Sin separated us from God, but Jesus bridged the gap and drew us back to Him.

  • Hebrews: Anchor - Episode 7

    When life is chaotic and you are discouraged, you need someone in your corner!

  • Hebrews: Mediator - Episode 8

    No one else but Jesus lived a life of perfect obedience that satisfied the requirements of the law: and He did it all for us.

  • Hebrews: Sacrifice - Episode 9

    Worship someone who died on a cross? Scandalous, offensive, outright crazy to the first century Roman: but, as it turns out, He is the only hope for humanity.

  • Hebrews: The Way - Episode 10

    The salvation plan was not complete until the resurrection, but what came next?

  • Hebrews: Faith - Episode 11

    What is faith? Confidence in promises that haven’t yet been realised because of promises in the past that have.

  • Hebrews: The Kingdom - Episode 12

    Jesus reveals God – the work of the cross, redemption, salvation all point to a greater kingdom.

  • Hebrews: Let Love - Episode 13

    No one left behind – do for one another what Jesus did for you.