The ‘I Am’ series is an opportunity to explore honest questions, and to discover the ultimate satisfaction: the true and tangible character of Jesus. As we journey together, we’ll explore different aspects of what it means to develop a practical friendship with Him, and what impact Jesus can have on the way we see ourselves in the bigger picture.

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  • I AM - Trailer

    The I AM series is a chance to uncover the true meaning and purpose for all of our lives. It's an opportunity to examine the evidence to who Jesus Christ really is and what His life, death and resurrection means for all of us.
    The ‘I Am’ series is an opportunity to explore honest questions, and ...

  • I AM - EpIsode 1 - What Makes You Happy In Life

    We try and chase happiness through the clothes we wear, the job we chase, the cars we drive and the holidays we go on. However, many people continue to suffer from anxiety and depression. Are we looking for happiness and joy in the wrong places?

  • I AM - Episode 2 - Why Do People Do Bad Things

    Do morals simply depend upon the culture you are living in or your personal preferences? Many believe that moral boundaries are created by people, so God is unnecessary, they believe they can choose where their moral boundaries lie. However, there are some basic moral boundaries that apply to eve...

  • I AM - Episode 3 - Who Do You Think Jesus Was

    It's been suggested that about half the earth's population over the last 2000 years has been touched by Jesus in some way, and His influence is growing! More books have been written and sung about Him than any other person in history. Millions pray to Him everyday.

  • I AM - Episode 4 - Why Did He Have To Die

    Did Jesus really have to die on a cross, what was the whole point? The Bible tells us that God loved us and gave His life for us. Jesus loves each and everyone of us personally.

  • I AM - Episode 5 - Who Is The Holy Spirit

    Take a journey of discovery to find out who the Holy Spirit is and what He actually does.

  • I AM - Episode 6 - Is The Bible Relevant

    The Bible remains an important source of truth for many people today. The Bible continues to be upheld as a book that teaches morals and values. Would society be lost without it?

  • I AM - Episode 7 - Prayer

    In order to keep a relationship strong and healthy you need to speak often and spend quality time together. Our relationship with God is no different, and when we pray we invest in that relationship.

  • I AM - Episode 8 - Have You Heard Of The Sabbath

    No mater what culture your are or what language you speak, everyone on earth observes a 7 day week. Some have attempted to change the 7 day week to something else, but it's never been successful. The 7 day week seems here to stay.

  • I AM - Episode 9 - Does God Care About Your Health

    Everyone has the choice to decide how they would like to take care of themselves. An understanding of who God is and what He wants for us is at the core of an understanding about what good health and wellbeing is all about.

  • I AM - Episode 10 - What Happens After You Die

    There are many different ideas and teachings about what happens to us when we die. The Bible teaches only one thing about death, it calls it a sleep. Discover why we are never really prepared for death, why it is such a shock to our loved ones when it happens.

  • I AM - Episode 11 - Is Jesus Coming Back

    Jesus told His disciples that He would eventually be put to death. Jesus was put to death, just like the prophets of old said He would, but He rose again! He went back to His Father but promised to return at a later date. He gave us signs to look for that would indicate that His return is close, ...

  • I AM - Episode 12 - What's The Best News You've Heard This Year

    The more we share the good news that God loves us and that Jesus is returning soon the easier it becomes. We can never argue someone into loving Jesus, it's the Holy Spirit who is the active agent in it all. It's the Holy Spirit who impresses us to think and believe in a certain way, if we are p...

  • I AM - Episode 13 - Is Community Important

    We are constantly looking for ways to keep in touch with those around us. in which A life devoid of community and friendship is a life that's difficult to live. God placed within us the need and desire to experience meaningful relationships. God is a relational God and He created us to be like Hi...