Conversations lead to understanding and understanding will often lead to tolerance and acceptance. If you are looking for an opinion or thought on something by someone you may find it here.
*NOTE: not all the opinions and thoughts shared here are necessarily accepted as mainstream Biblical thinking or teaching.

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  • Unlikely Friend

    In a time when it feels there is so much disunity in the world, how much do the perceptions we make of the people around us play a part?

  • Our Identity

    The message of the Bible needs to be shared, Jesus is coming back again soon. The Bible tells us how to live ready for His return - it's not hard, but it does take discipline!

  • A Heart For Her & GOD

  • Sam Leonor - What On Earth Am I Doing?

    Sam shares what he thinks is important to consider when making decisions about life. Sam suggests that knowing the right answers may not be as important as making the right responses to what ever life throws your way!


  • Sam Leonor - Faithfully Successful

    What does God think of people who become successful? Take a listen as Sam answers this question in a way that supports the idea that you can enjoy success as a Jesus follower and feel great about it!