This playlist is specifically for videos that have been recorded in languages other than English. May of them have English subtitles.

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  • The Key (Japanese: English Subtitles)

    Where were you on March 11, 2011 when the Tohoku earthquake shook Japan? Yuji was at work, and with Tokyo’s power grid shut down, he journeyed on foot across the city to discover a message waiting for him that would change his life forever.

  • Collision (Japanese: English Subtitled)

    Yumiko really struggled with depression. She hated herself and even dreamt of running in front of a train to end her life. But hope came her way in the last place she ever expected.

  • Beloved (Japanese: English Subtitled)

    Do you struggle in your marriage? Takashi and Naoko did. Their shame and brokenness left their marriage on the brink of total collapse. Then they found true love…not in each other, but in a person that would transform their family completely.

  • Dead Men (Czech: English Subtitled)

    Radek and Jirka are bad men. Living lives plagued by violence, neglect, and self-centeredness, the two men soon find themselves threatened by something much more terrifying than any prison sentence–the inescapable reality of death itself.

  • Finding Petra (Czech: English Subtitled)

    When Petra loses her mother at a young age, she sets off on a journey to find hope and healing for her loss. This decade-long search eventually leads her to discover that the answer she’s been looking for has been pursuing her all along.

  • 1 in 274 (Portuguese: English Subtitled)

    Jonathan was known as "Death Carrier", he was the one where the centre of trouble pointed to. That is, until the Day of the Dead when God changed everything.