Relationship Advice | MICHAEL KELLY

Relationship Advice | MICHAEL KELLY

4 Episodes

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Relationship Advice | MICHAEL KELLY
  • Are They Marriage Material?

    When it comes to finding love, do you...⁣

    Just date anyone cute and take your pick? 💕⁣

    Hoping that one suddenly becomes your 'forever'? ⁣

    While this might sound like a wild thrill ride, it usually ends up in a hot mess. 😓⁣

    Is there a way to guard your heart and filter through those who ar...

  • The Problem with Dating

    Episode 2

  • Physical Boundaries, Sex & Waiting

    Episode 3

    When young people ask the church, ⁣

    "How Do I Wait For Marriage?" ⏰⁣

    What they're actually asking is... ⁣

    "How Do I Hold Off From Having Sex Until Then?" 🙈⁣

    Growing up, many of us haven't heard many answers that address this age-old question other than 'practice abstinence'. ⁣

    We rarely...

  • An Honest Q&A About Relationships, Intimacy & Divorce ft. Michael Kelly

    Episode 4

    Ever struggle to find honest, raw and credible answers to questions around dating, sex and divorce?

    In this Q&A, as Pastor Michael Kelly breaks down how we can effectively navigate through relationship.


    0.00 - 2.04: Intro
    2.04 -3.31: Michael’s Story
    3.31 - 4:33: How The Dating Exp...