Apologetics: Ravi Zacharias

Apologetics: Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias is an Indian-born Canadian-American Christian apologist. A defender of evangelical Protestantism, Zacharias is the author of numerous Christian books.

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Apologetics: Ravi Zacharias
  • Ravi Zacharias: A Christian View of Homosexuality (short presentation)

    Conflict continues between the homosexual community & Christians.Ravi Zacharias provides “three panels” of an answer concerning homosexuality. First, is the sociological problem. Second, is the theological problem. Third, is the relational problem. What do you think - use our forum to share your...

  • Ravi Zacharias: 'What Does It Mean To Be Human?' (Passion 2020)

    Who is God? What Does It Mean To Be Human? These are the two basic questions we need to answer If we are to going to make coherent sense of our lives - what on earth am I doing and why on earth am I here?.

  • Ravi Zacharias: Atheistic Evolution

    Do you believe time plus matter plus chance has produced your brain?” Truth by nature is absolute [fixed—doesn’t change] … time is changing, matter is changing, chance—whatever it is—is changing … you never get time, matter and chance remaining the same. If time plus matter plus chance has create...

  • Ravi Zacharias: Subjective Moral Reasoning

    If we do not recognize a universal moral code, then everyone is able to subjectively choose their own morality.