Why is “the church” so bothered about sex? After all, the Bible is quite positive toward sexuality...or is it?

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    Why is “the church” so bothered about sex? Sexuality is so much a part of the human experience that any serious believer will want to understand what the Bible has to say about it.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Counter Cultural - Episode 1

    The word script can denote a type of handwriting, the written dialogue of a play or movie, or the shortened term for a physician’s pharmaceutical order. One uncommon definition of script is it being a particular idea, value, or norm.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Naked - Episode 2

    In a sinless world, neither shame nor guilt exist, because no one behaves inappropriately. And it is God’s desire to return us to a state devoid of guilt and shame.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: One Of Two Gifts - Episode 3

    The first chapters of Genesis are often quoted supporting the notion that it is bad for individuals to be alone. While it is true that married individuals have benefits and advantages, the rewards and pluses of single-hood must not go unmentioned.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Incredible Sex - Episode 4

    Humanity was made sexual by design, and that sexuality was not limited to mere reproduction, according to the Bible - far from it!

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Marital Sexuality - Episode 5

    Sexual relationship as described by Scripture, is the physical interaction of the male and female bodies, complementarily, biologically, and anatomically speaking. However, it doesn't stop just there, it is so much more!