Why is “the church” so bothered about sex? After all, the Bible is quite positive toward sexuality...or is it?

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    Why is “the church” so bothered about sex? Sexuality is so much a part of the human experience that any serious believer will want to understand what the Bible has to say about it.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Counter Cultural - Episode 1

    The word script can denote a type of handwriting, the written dialogue of a play or movie, or the shortened term for a physician’s pharmaceutical order. One uncommon definition of script is it being a particular idea, value, or norm.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Naked - Episode 2

    In a sinless world, neither shame nor guilt exist, because no one behaves inappropriately. And it is God’s desire to return us to a state devoid of guilt and shame.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: One Of Two Gifts - Episode 3

    The first chapters of Genesis are often quoted supporting the notion that it is bad for individuals to be alone. While it is true that married individuals have benefits and advantages, the rewards and pluses of single-hood must not go unmentioned.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Incredible Sex - Episode 4

    Humanity was made sexual by design, and that sexuality was not limited to mere reproduction, according to the Bible - far from it!

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Marital Sexuality - Episode 5

    Sexual relationship as described by Scripture, is the physical interaction of the male and female bodies, complementarily, biologically, and anatomically speaking. However, it doesn't stop just there, it is so much more!

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Marital Sexuality - Episode 6

    This lesson will explore the fact that a marriage is not composed of a singularity, nor is it composed of a nondescript plurality, but it is specifically composed of a duality.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Marital Sexuality - Episode 7

    As the engineer of intimacy, God sought for humanity to reach the apex of the experience through a human-human interaction.
    The seventh episode in our Sexually Designed series further explores what the Bible suggests as the foundations for optimal human sexual experience.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Marital Sexuality - Episode 8

    What is referred to as gender identity has to do with the way an individual views themselves as aligning with society’s definition of their gender role.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Interconnectedness - Episode 9

    The choices we make with respect to our sexuality impact all other areas of our lives. Sexuality is simultaneously physical, emotional, relational, social, and spiritual. Denying any one of these aspects of sexuality leads to an impaired experience of sexuality.

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Premarital Sexuality - Episode 10

    Premarital sex has become an accepted way of life in most industrialised nations, and promoted as the norm in media, but if you don’t agree with the ‘popular vote’ it takes A LOT of courage (or, as some may say, stupidity) to speak against it or other dominant social trends!

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: When Things Go Wrong - Episode 11

    When people have sex, they achieve the highest level of physical intimacy. The physical connection has involuntary emotional, psychological, and spiritual effects.
    Even outside of marriage, breaking a sexual relationship is significantly more painful, more difficult than if the relationship had n...

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Beyond Sexuality - Episode 12

    At first glance, the Bible may seem like the perfect book for young children to read. Visit any children’s literature section and see the myriads of storybooks on creation, Noah, and the Christmas story. But Scripture paints a different picture regarding these narratives that most children’s book...

  • SEXUALLY DESIGNED: Purity - Episode 13

    God wants to use a generation of young people who have wisdom and discernment about purity. But, how do we retrieve any sense of purity after a mistake or moment of very poor judgment, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual? How can Jesus help us live the pure life that the Bible speaks of?