Faith & Spirituality

Faith & Spirituality

The search for meaning in life is high on the agenda for all of us, it is a universal human experience. The Bible says that humans are created in God's image and that He has a plan for each of us.

Faith & Spirituality
  • Seventh-day Adventists - Who Are They?

    The Seventh-day Adventist church are Jesus followers. They are committed to sharing the Good News of a living Jesus to a dying world!

  • What [Else] Do You Think

    13 items

    The WHAT DO YOU THINK series is designed to get you contemplating the answers to some of the questions life asks.

  • What Do You Think

    13 items

    The WHAT DO YOU THINK series is designed to get you contemplating the answers to some of the questions life asks.

  • Discipleship and Followship

    10 items

    What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus?

    5 items


    5 items

    Benjamin and Jessica Roberts grew up in the church, but when each of their faiths were challenged in different ways, they were taken on a decade-long journey that would transform them both forever.

  • GEOSCIENCE Research Institute

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    The Geoscience Research Institute, founded in 1958, was established to address this question by looking at the scientific evidence concerning origins. The Institute uses both science and revelation to study the question of origins.
    The most notable conflict is between the theory of evolution wit...

  • THE MAKING OF CHAMPIONS (sermon series)

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    God has the habit of using the ordinary and doing the extraordinary with it. Inside you there lurks a champion that God wants to use in order to do great things for Him.

    14 items


    14 items

    The Bible has been called the greatest piece of literature of all time! Many believe it answers all the big questions of life. People throughout history have had their lives revolutionised by it. What has the Bible got to say to you? What do you need to hear?


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    A sci-fi history of mankind told from the perspective of angels. The Record Keeper, Raina, works in Heaven's administrative offices tracking events unfolding on earth.

  • BEYOND THE SEARCH – Trailers

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    A series which give new perspective to a world that seems to be in crisis. The Beyond The Search documentary series explores some of life’s biggest questions, including: Why do we have pain and suffering?
    Filmed across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific, Beyond the Search give’s ...


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    There's a lot of people talking out there.
    Take a listen to what is said.
    Think for yourself.
    Make up your own mind.


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    Animations tell stories in an interesting a special way. These animations have a point that will leave you pondering.

  • Beautiful Mess

    Life can be messy. It can steal our joy and make us feel unwanted, tired and broken. But, in the mess of life, there is a story of beauty that can be found.

  • Front and Centre

    What is God calling you to do at the moment? Sometimes it's difficult to decipher just what He wants us to do from day to day. Lindsey uses King David's life to explain how to journey day by day with God at your side.

  • Alan Hirsch: Communitas Not Community

    Community is often an inward-focused group, whereby communitas is an outward-focused group, who by engaging in various forms of risk and liminality, begin to relate to each other on a significantly deeper level together with a stronger level of resilience.

  • Raise Up Workers

    Josiah's life was changed by discipleship and he believes God can use it to change the world.

  • Something More

    One man changed the course of history for billions of people. How did He do that!?

  • Made of Iron

    At the age of seventy, Dorothea could have long retired and enjoyed a life of rest and recreation, but God has other plans for her, and she is more than determined to follow His lead.

  • El Shaddai

    El Shaddai is an Ethiopian orphan and she proudly sings about how God's Word can change you.

  • The Call

    There is an emptiness inside each of us that cannot be filled by life's pursuits or ignored by its distractions.

  • Be Still

    Though the world is plagued by suffering due to the realities of sin, death, and evil, God is calling us to seek refuge in the only place it can truly be found...His presence.

  • The Foremost

    Murderer meets minister and genocide meets Jesus in a provocative story of amazing grace.

  • Kevin

    Kevin Inglis is nine years old.
    Kevin has over 100 epileptic seizures per year.
    Kevin is autistic.
    Kevin is profoundly intellectually handicapped.

  • Forgiveness

    Ask us how a relationship with Jesus can offer you forgiveness for both yourself and others!
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