Whether it be turning from your old ways, learning to love again or finding hope from in adversity, there's nothing like experiencing a renewal through Christ.

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  • Forgiveness

    Nathan led a turbulent life in his teen years. Brought up in a single parent home. Listen as Nathan shares his search for peace.

  • Hope Is Everything

    Joel experienced an aneurysm at the young 25 that now found him on the brink of life and death. His journey to discovering hope amidst bleak circumstances and his shift in focus brought about a new lease on life.

  • Jack's Story

    The cycle of shame that pornography brings can be debilitating. After a long struggle, Jack found one thing that broke the cycle.

  • Rochelle's Story

    Rochelle was a ballerina., but now she's changed course and is heading a completely different direction!

  • Blake's Story

    Blake was given a book, it was a biography, it not only changed his thinking, it changed his life!,

  • Hana's Story

    I took someone to step up and ask Hana the question that would eventually change her perspective on life.

  • In It Not Of It

    Life in Technicolor take a journey with an interesting individual, unpacking their story and exploring some interesting aspects of their life. It's an engaging and creative way of sharing the gospel.
    Here's an intimate and heart warming conversation where, Commercial Editor, Anthony Lee Martin, s...

  • Monty's Story

    How do you go about loving and forgiving those who assault, abuse and attack you? See how Monty handled it.

  • Destined To Stand Out

    During an honest and intimate conversation Leigh-Anne Williams shares her life and career story and reflects on what it means, and how vital it is to reflect the love of God to others.

  • A Different Love Story

    'A Different Love Story' shows something much better than the fairytale romance you might be longing for.

  • Zelda - Treated Like A Boy

    Zelda had a difficult life growing up having experienced domestic violence and dabbling in drug-dealing herself. This is her story...

  • No Longer Trapped

    After seeking purpose and fulfilment in the party scene and finding herself in deep water, Maryanne reached out for something even deeper.

  • GRACE that Restores: Jeremy Anderson's Story

    Jeremy Anderson is one of America's top young adult motivational speakers. He travels the world speaking wisdom from God into young hearts and minds. But, it wasn't always like that! Listen as Jeremy shares the journey he's traveled that's lead him to where he is today.

  • The Evidence of a Changed Life

    One thing no one can ever take from me is what I’ve seen with my own eyes. There is nothing else that can fill the void in your life but Jesus. What is stopping you from trying Him today?

  • Episode 1: whathurts - Shantal Smith

    "Don't live your life afraid, if you do you are always on the run." Listen as Shantel shares how she's found the Way to living released and refreshed.

  • Episode 2: whathurts - Shantal Smith

    Where is God when you need Him most? Is He out there somewhere. Ever met a 'professional pretender'? Shantel talks about how to be real and how to be authentic and how to be helpful to others by leaning into your own experience.

  • Episode 3: whatheals - Shantal Smith

    Are you chasing a crumb, a crust, a slice, or are you more interested in the whole loaf? Life - what's in it for you? If you are deep down hungry for something you are not alone!

  • Richard's Story

    Can Christ take you away from your old smoking, drinking and casual relationships? He sure can. This is Richard's experience.

  • In His Time

    "To truly take somebody for who they are, no matter how broken they are, that’s something different. That’s the true Character of God. No matter what you’ve done, He can fix you and He can make you new"

  • Daniel's Story

    When you read about the love that Jesus had for people, you just sit there and go ‘I only wish I have the capacity to be that selfless and that wonderful towards other people who hate me.’

  • My Favourite Sermon

    Jesus told stories so that the information He gave could linger and be ruminated upon well after the event. Stories are often the key to spiritual impact - each one can be a diamond to someone.

  • God's Graffiti Artist - Tulaga Aiolupotea

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