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    Whether it be turning from your old ways, learning to love again or finding hope from in adversity, there's nothing like experiencing a renewal through Christ.


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    On Unhooked hear survivors tell their stories, clinical experts explain behaviours and suggest treatment options.

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    6 videos

    Conversations lead to understanding and understanding will often lead to tolerance and acceptance. If you are looking for an opinion or thought on something by someone you may find it here.
    *NOTE: not all the opinions and thoughts shared here are necessarily accepted as mainstream Biblical think...


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    Listen to discussions that centre around what is currently trending, what is making news and what everybody is talking about. You may not always agree with the thoughts and opinions of others, but it's good to have conversation, to know what other people think, and why.

  • The Elijah Message To Students COVID-19

    Elijah is a student leader at the school he attends - Avondale. He reminds us that even in the difficult times we are not alone and we still have reason to look forward positively.