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  • Anorexia & Bulimia

    What are the tell-tale signs of anorexia and bulimia, and what is their long-term effects?

  • Gambling

    The euphoric high of winning is well known among gamblers - it keeps them going. Unfortunately the effect of losing can have a huge impact on one’s financial, emotional and physical health.

  • People Pleasers - Codependency

    As codependent family members hide negative behaviours that should be confronted, no one in the family gets better.

  • Unhealthy Environments for Drug Endangered Children

    Listen and learn how certain environments can encourage and perpetuate a cycle of unhealthy behaviours

  • Psychoactive Drugs

    Psychoactive drugs lead to hallucinations. psychosis and loss of contact with reality.

  • Self Mutilation and Cutting

    Addicts who self mutilate or cut are often embarrassed and feel guilty about what they do.

  • Overeating

    In a society where a "Super Size Me" mentality is often the norm, there's a thin line between eating just enough and too much.

  • Shopaholics

    "I want this. I must have this." Before long, a shopaholic is surrounded by purchases they never needed.

  • Sex Addictions in Men

    Created to express love between husband and wife, sex has been degraded to damage marriages and is a currency for unhealthy behaviours.

  • Sex Addictions in Women

    Liberated libidos and a porn industry that caters to them are two reasons why women are more open about their sexuality.

  • Underage Alcohol Use

    Peer pressure. Rites of passage to adulthood. Ability to forget problems. These are some of the reasons that prompt underage drinking.

  • Underage Addictions

    The telltale signs that signal troubles in a young person’s life.

  • Workaholics

    Yet these extra minutes can into an inability to let go of the office. It's a subtle addiction that suffocates the balance between work, home and God.

  • Anger

    Violence. Manipulation. Revenge. There are many ways anger can affect one's life, creating distrust and clouding one's judgment. Its vicious control creeps into all aspects of life.

  • Tobacco

    Tobacco use is highly addictive and a major risk factor for diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer.