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  • I Was Abused, And Survived

    Karis's childhood was fun and happy like any girl. But then suddenly a tragic incident happened to her. She was sexually abused by her tutor. She suffered years from shame, guilt and fear. But she finally found a way to overcome her painful past.

  • Flip The Script

    A poem reflecting a negative way of thinking without God and how it changes when God opens our eyes to his love.

  • Me and Money Management - Emma Lemke

    Are you a freelancer who needs help understanding how to make a living doing what you love WITHOUT working Saturdays?
    Are you a Christian struggling with the concept of tithing?
    Our very talented florist & business coach Emma Lemke shares her ideas.

  • Episode 25 - Martin Luther: Protest of the Princes

    Should the church be allowed to dictate how you should think on spiritual matters? In Luther's day those who thought not protested that the authority of the Bible and the freedom of conscience should be above the tradition of the church.

  • Why Should I Care

    Let's briefly examine the atheistic belief that biology can provide humans with a solid foundation for morality. Leading atheist Sam Harris says that to base morality on biology eliminates the need for ‘an imaginary man in the sky’ who dictates what is right and wrong.