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  • Follower

    Sarah encounters a Deaf woman and it challenges her ability to connect. After that meeting God redefines to Sarah what it means for her to be a true follower.

  • 1 in 274 (Portuguese: English Subtitled)

    Jonathan was known as "Death Carrier", he was the one where the centre of trouble pointed to. That is, until the Day of the Dead when God changed everything.

  • Kibera

    Why is there so much pain in the world? If God is so good, and all powerful, and fair, and loving, then why doesn't He get rid of all the pain!

  • Antarctica

    Does our water on earth originate from water contained within rock particles that, millions of years ago, coalesced? Or, is the simple water particle further evidence of intelligent design?

  • Destined To Stand Out

    During an honest and intimate conversation Leigh-Anne Williams shares her life and career story and reflects on what it means, and how vital it is to reflect the love of God to others.